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Bonus Episode: Which Discworld Book Should You Read First?

Bonus Episode

Release Date: 5/5/2021

Your hosts finally address the elephants in the room: which Discworld book should you start with? They… don’t really give a straight answer. But they DO know which book you should NOT read first. You’re welcome. Possible First Reads: Wyrd Sisters (if you like witches) Reaper Man (if you like Death) Small Gods (if you want a good standalone with religious satire) Hogfather (if you like Christmas) Monstrous Regiment (if you want a good standalone with scathing social commentary) Going Postal (if you like con artists)

Music provided by Audio Library Plus: “Sérénade à Notre Dame de Paris” by Amarià

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


Episode Transcript*

*this transcript is AI generated, please excuse the mess.

Transcript to come.

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