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Sara has been an avid reader of SFF since she was a little girl insisting on bringing her book with her to the dinner table. When she’s not reading on the couch with her two pugs, she can be found outside in the garden.

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Lilly tries to get her podcast reading done in between projects at her day job, and tries to get writing done in between podcast episodes. She has a special soft spot for speculative fiction and tends to prefer formal poetry over freeform poetry even though she feels bad about that. Lilly has two cats who always keep her on her toes.

Bard, Snorri, Mr. Squeak, & Sif

adorable animals, cute pets, wine, alcohol

The beloved pets of Fiction Fans. Bard & Sif live with Lilly, and Snorri & Mr. Squeak (who, despite her legal name, is a lady-pug) live with Sara. You can follow the pugs on instagram @grubpugs

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