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Author Interview: Low Action by Andrew Cartmel

Episode 24

Release Date: December 15, 2021

Low Action by Andrew Cartmel

Your hosts welcome back Andrew Cartmel to talk about Low Action, the fifth book in his Vinyl Detective series. They ask hard-hitting questions like “in the recipe on pg 292, do you cook the mushrooms before adding them to the pasta?” They also discuss some of his mystery novel inspirations and other things more relevant to the plot than mushrooms. Sara gets very excited by the possibility of a spin-off series focused on book collecting.

Andrew also shares about his new play, Glacier Lake, which opens on Tuesday 3rd of May 2022 at the OSO Arts Centre in London.

Performances at 7:30pm from Tuesday 3rd to Saturday 7th of May, with matinees at 2:30pm on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th of May (no evening performance on Sunday). You can find out more about the venue at

You can find Andrew online at

Fiction Fans is running a fundraiser! Send in proof of your donations to the Imagination Library before December 29th, 2021 and the podcast will match all contributions up to a total of $2k. You can find more information here:

Thanks to the following musicians for the use of their songs:

- Amarià for the use of “Sérénade à Notre Dame de Paris” - Josh Woodward for the use of “Electric Sunrise”

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License


Episode Transcript*

*this transcript is AI generated, please excuse the mess.

Transcript to come.

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