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Book Tour Q&A: Mercury's Shadow by PJ Garcin

Today we're taking part in the book tour organized by Escapist Book Tours for Mercury's Shadow by PJ Garcin! Continue reading for the book blurb and a Q&A with the author.

About the book

One man's lust for power threatens the future of humanity—can a young girl from the outer system stop it all?

Imogen “Chim” Esper is thrust into the center of an interplanetary conflict when her family is torn apart by the cruel and indifferent Kardashev Corporation. Forced to run, along with her robotic best friend, Chim struggles to find her place in a society that is poised for revolutionary transformation.

The Kardashev Corporation dominates all commerce and politics in the solar system. Its megalomaniac CEO, Alton Neal, is hell-bent on transforming society by capturing the full energy output of the sun through the creation of a Dyson Swarm.

Citizens of Earth and the stations throughout the system must band together to protect access to the lifeblood of the system or risk becoming permanently enslaved to the Kardashev Corporation.

Mercury’s Shadow is a thrilling adventure that blends real science, big ideas, grand adventure and high stakes to introduce a new heroine and a deep universe that will leave readers asking for more.

On to the interview...!

This is one of our standard podcast opening questions, so we’ll include it for written interviews as well! Tell us something great that’s happened recently! :)

The weather has been amazing, I’ve had a little bit of time off work, and been able to spend it hanging out with the kids. I probably should’ve been editing Book 3, but the lure of the lake was too strong!

What are you currently reading or what’s up next on your TBR? What made you pick up this book?

I’m currently reading Book 2 in The Witcher series. I’d been sort of out of the Fantasy genre for awhile, but I enjoyed the show and the games so I thought I’d try the books and I’ve been enjoying them.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start writing?

I’ve been creating things, stories, plays, games, music since I was a little kid. I have like books from when I was a really young kid just filled with crazy ideas and stories, doodles. Creating things is just something I do, I wouldn’t even know how to do anything else really. I studied writing at university, I worked in video games for fourteen years, and I currently work in tech. All along though, I was always writing stories. My pile of unfinished or never-published work still outweighs the amount I’ve actually published.

Do you have any hobbies or interests outside of reading/writing that you can talk to us about?

Too many to list! I definitely love making music. It’s something that I wish I had more time to spend on. I also spend a good chunk of time still messing around with making small games. I’ve been experimenting with some interactive narrative stuff that might eventually see the light of day.

What are your favorite types of stories? Of characters?

I really love literary short stories. I love how finely crafted they are, and how they can take the most mundane, ordinary moments and turn them into something profound. I love the economy of it all — how every word, ever sentence is just laden with meaning and impact.

Can you give us an elevator pitch for your book?

A megalomaniac CEO tries to capture the sun. A young girl is torn from her family and thrust into the centre of an interplanetary conflict where she discovers her role in the world and a mystery about her own family.

In your opinion, what kind of reader would like this book?

Any reader who likes fast-paced stories with short chapters. Sci-fi based on real science. And of course lovable and fun characters that draw you into their lives and struggles.

What would you like readers to take away from this book?

I think this is a book that should make us consider how much we want our world and our future to be controlled by billionaires and those that aren’t accountable to anyone. And this is a major theme explored in the book—what happens when you follow that kind of control to its ultimate conclusion?

How much do you plan when you write? What’s your writing process like?

I never used to plan, but for this book I did, and surprise-surprise, I actually finished! So now, I plan extensively, where I will outline everything down to individual scenes so that when I sit down to write I can focus purely on the performance of writing and not have to worry about introducing plot holes or remembering what has to happen next. I can just follow the outline that tells me exactly what has to happen in that chapter. When it comes to my routine — I try to write regularly but I usually do it in small chunks. Like 15-30 minutes at a time.

Is this your first book? If so, what lessons have you learned from writing it? If not, what lessons did you learn from writing earlier books that you brought into this one?

This is the first book that I’ve finished and published. It taught me a LOT about the process of actually completing a novel and I’ve carried that forward with me throughout the rest of the series. I’m trying to wrap up the final book now so that readers can get closure on this story.

Do you usually write to background noise, music, etc. or do you prefer silence?

I always write to music, but nothing with lyrics. Instrumentals or soundtracks. Each book has its own playlist with its own distinct vibe that I think translates onto the page.

What do you think characterizes your writing style?

Economical use of language. There’s not a lot of drawn out passages — everything in my writing is very punchy, direct and hopefully evocative. I’ve mentioned my love for short stories. I think the economical use of language in those really influenced me and translates to my approach to writing even novels.

Is there anything you can tell us about any current projects you’re working on?

I’m wrapping up Book 3 in the Kardashev Cycle now, which is the conclusion to this story arc that starts in Mercury’s Shadow. That doesn’t mean there won’t be other books in this universe, but this story that starts in this book wraps up in the third book and I hope that readers will dive into this universe and fall in love with the characters!

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions for us! We always enjoy this little peek behind the curtain. Do you have any parting thoughts or comments you’d like to leave for our readers?

Check out indie authors! There are so many amazing indie books out there. I often see the same recommendations for the same like 5 authors over and over again, when there’s this enormous body of work out there waiting to be discovered.

And finally, where can you be found on the internet if our readers want to hear more from you?

You can find out about me and my books on my website: but also on Twitter as @rawktron or TikTok @rawktron as well.

Where to buy the book:

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